APAMSA is a medical student-run organization at UCLA DGSOM dedicated to the establishment of a medical system that provides culturally competent services, resources, support, and community education to underserved APIA communities as well as the larger underserved population.


  • [August 17, 2021] APAMSA Intro Talk: Slides
  • [August 16, 2021] APAMSA Website Update: New Selected Structural & Cultural Competency Resources!
  • [August 11&13, 2021] APAMSA will be at the DGSOM Advocacy Fair and Org Fair!
  • [August 3, 2021] APAMSA Liaison Applcations open Aug. 17th! Link can be found by clicking this hyperlink!
  • [August 1, 2021] Stay Connected with APAMSA at DGSOM on our new social media platforms: Facebook and Instagram!
  • [July 6, 2021] APAMSA at DGSOM will be hosting this year's APAMSA Region 7 Conference! Details can be found in the Events Tab!